Why are we here?

We are so done with the touristic stuff, we all dream of something authentic, unique, and special. We want our travels to be adventures, and to fully explore the world via the paths lesser known.

However, while there's never a shortage of inspirations for us to drool over, it currently takes way too many hours of scrolling through wordy articles, outdated posts, irrelevant selfies, or rambling reviews just to figure out how to actually get on those paths.

So we made The Travel Brief to let travellers document their journeys in a way that’s not only meaningful to themselves, but also to the ones around them or even strangers.

Your adventure memory is worth much more than just a well-liked Instagram post. Share your experience or even the mistakes with the world so that everyone can plan more efficiently and adventure on more smoothly.


Our Mission

Make it possible for travellers to explore every part of the world as easy as their own cities


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