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Updated on Oct 21, 2018 Useful Info

Buy tickets online to the Acropolis to avoid 30+ minutes of line up

  • Acropolis is THE top attraction in Athens, so you can imagine the line up gets pretty long
  • There are 2 entrances to the Acropolis, and when I visited around 11am both of them had massive line ups. I think the line is not so bad if you go there early in the morning. I ended up waiting for exactly 30 minutes at the Acropoli metro station entrance
  • You can buy tickets online from etickets.tap.gr, which is the official online ticketing site for many major Greek attractions. It's run by the government of Greece. I saw the site being advertised at the entrance to Acropolis
  • The price online is exactly the same as in person. €20 for the Acropolis and €30 for a combined ticket to the Acropolis plus a bunch of other sites. They accept Visa and MasterCard only
  • You just need to print the ticket and go straight into the Acropolis with the QR code on the printed ticket
  • Some tips about using this site:
  • Choose "Attica" as the region in step 1. This is the part of Greece that contains Athens
  • Choose "Acropolis and Slopes" as the attraction in step 1. This is the ticket to the main park that contains the Acropolis
  • In step 2, I highly recommend getting the "Combined" ticket. I got this ticket (in person, not online), and it basically lets you see a bunch of other historical sites around the Acropolis in central Athens. All these sites highly historically significant and gives you more insights to how the ancient Greek lived beyond the Acropolis. You can always buy these tickets individually, but with the combined ticket you get to skip the lines at these other places and you can go straight into them