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All You Need to Know About Albania Before Visiting


Albania is located in Southern Europe and its capital city is Tirana.


The official language in Albania is Albanian.


The monetary unit used is lek (L)


  • It has warm and dry summers and wet and mild winters. Dress appropriately.
  • I recommend tourist the western part of the country as it has relatively moderate temperatures.


Albanian culture attracts tourist from around the globe due to its uniqueness.

1. Xhiro- the mandatory evening walk!

Citizens of Albania come out of their homes to gather in the streets just to take a walk and talk until nightfall.

2. Yes means no and no means yes!

To agree in Albanian culture, you shake your head!

To disagree, you nod!

3. Beware of scarecrows!

In Albania scarecrows aren’t just used to scare away birds and animals, they are used to ward off envy from neighbors.

4. Albanians some of the worst drivers?

Cars were introduced late in Albania.

Most drivers thus have an individualized rules for the road! Always look both ways before crossing.

5. Mother Teresa’s Birthplace

Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, Mother Teresa, was born in Skopje which is currently part of North Macedonia.

Pilgrims visit this place to honor her memory.

6. Get drunk with Raki!

This is the Albanian national drink and it equals 3 normal drinks!

Don’t take more than 2 jugs or you’ll end up wasted.

7. Wear an Opinga- the traditional Albanian shoe

It is worn by both men and women and can be a good souvenir to take home with you.

Things to do in Albania

1. Wild camp on an Albanian Beach!

Yes! It is totally legal and is fun too.

2. Tour Berat, the City of a Thousand Windows

3. Enjoy the view of the Flat Stone Roofs of the Gijrokaster Old Town

This is a UNESCO world heritage site and dates back to the 17th century.

4. Take a bath in the Benja Hot Spring