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Updated on Jan 19, 2020 Useful Info

Infrastructure available in Schiphol airport

Travelling with your kids can be exhausting. However, airports such as Schiphol airport in Amsterdan have the infrastructure to easen your journey.

Elevators and escalators.

These can allow you to breath as you move from one terminal to another especially while connecting flights. The elevators and escalators will somehow reduce the burden with the kids.

There are staff that can ensure you do not get stuck in the escalators.

Moving ramps.

This is one of the best feature. As the airport is huge, these ramps move you along the same floor closer to your gate. There is a moving ramp between each gate. If you are late, you can simply walk on the ramp and increase your speed.

The children also get less tired when on the ramp. It is common practice to place your bag or small luggage on the ramp and rest for a minute or two.


The Wifi at the airport is fast and completely free hence you can keep up with the world even in the middle of your journey.

The children can also play an online game or two as you wait for the boarding time.

Schiphol really is an incredible airport.