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Submitted on Jul 12, 2018 Useful Info

How to buy tickets to Angkor Wat

  • The only ticket option to see Angkor Wat is to get the Angkor Pass. Here's the official site with the latest info
  • Prices were USD$37 for 1 day, $62 for 3 consecutive days, and $72 for 7 consecutive days when I went (and still true as of July 2018 as I'm writing this);
  • Payment was cash only (and they wanted US dollars) when I went. I read that they've started accepting credit cards recently. I'd recommend having USD on hand just in case
  • Kids under 12 can go in for free (bring their passport as proof of age), but otherwise no other discounts available
  • There's no way to buy the pass online. I had to buy it in person because they needed to take a photo of me for the pass
  • Where to buy the ticket: the official ticket office is on the northeast corner of the intersection of Street 60 and Aspara road. Its location on Google Maps. Hours are 5am-5:30pm every day. This is the only place to buy tickets. Official site
  • When to buy tickets: I went in the morning at 5am and it was jam packed. Apparently if you go in the afternoon it's pretty empty. So if you can, get the tickets the day before to avoid crowds. I went in the morning because my flight landed at 8pm
  • From my research I was advised to buy the pass only from the official ticket office, and to not trust any 3rd party claiming to be resellers (hotels, tour agencies, etc.)
  • Angkor Wat is the main temple in what's called Angkor Archeological Park, which is a small city-sized complex with lots and lots of temples. The Angkor Pass covers all the temples around Angkor Wat in the archeological park. There are a couple of temples that the pass doesn't cover, but they're all very far away from Angkor Wat (like more than 40 km out) and I didn't really bother checking them out (most people don't, as they're very similar to what you see in the main Angkor Wat area)