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Everything you need to know to visit Kissama national park

  • Kissama national park is the only functional national park in Angola. Located about 70 km northwest of Luanda the park along the country's Atlantic shore is both a safari and beach destination. The park borders the Kwanza river to the river and the Longa river to the south. Most trips usually include a trip along both or one of the rivers, especially River Kwanza.
  • The easiest way to visit the park is by booking a tour in Luanda. while you can visit the park as a solo traveler it's more difficult. Most locals can only communicate in Portuguese and the public transport sector is chaotic in Angola. It's also not easy to spot the game in Kissama compared to other safari destinations such as Etosha, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro. You'll need to be accompanied by an experienced guide for a smooth experience at Kissama.
  • Many tour companies offer day trip packages from Luanda to Kissama starting at $100.

Activities at Kissama National Park

Game drives

  • While sporting game is sort of difficult in Kissama, most people tend to enjoy searching for wild animals around the park. It isn't a tedious process though if you are in the company of we'll experienced guides.

Bird watching

  • While the park isn't rich in wildlife, it has a vast bird population and is a bird lover's haven.

Beach trails and safari walking trails.

  • The scenery at the park is superb consisting of hills and plains plunging into the Atlantic ocean. The park is also rich in Marine wildlife especially sea turtles. Several trails have been created to explore the beach and wilderness by foot.