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Getting around Angola

  • There are several transport options if you wish to get around the country.

By train.

  • Although no railway lines are connecting Angola and other countries, the country itself has 3 main railway lines that have been revamped by the government through Chinese contractors.
  • The three railway lines are not connected.
  • The northern line, Caminho de Ferro de Luanda (CFL) between the capital Luanda Malenje and it is the most commonly used railway line.
  • The trains the operate on this railway line have three different class cabins.
  • The first class, Primeira, is the most luxurious with reclining leather seats and individual television sets.
  • It is the most expensive class but you get to travel in comfort.
  • The second class, exspresso, has fairly comfortable seats and they are usually four seats that surround a table and there are communal televisions.
  • Tramway is the cheapest option and the third class which is simply fitted with benches to maximize the number of passengers. It is also not the most comfortable way to travel.
  • The train cabins are usually well maintained and there are functional toilets and a restaurant car.
  • The middle line, Caminho de Ferro de Benguela (CFB) started services between Lobito, Cubal and Huambo.
  • The southern route, Caminho de Ferro de Moçâmedes (CFM) between Namibe, Lubango and Menongue is started services by fall 2012.

By taxi.

  • Traditionally, there were no reliable taxi services in the country.
  • Most of the taxis that operated in the country did not have meters to measure the amount and the price was mostly negotiated before the journey started.
  • Most taxis operate in the main towns and cities in the country.
  • There have been recent penetrations of online taxi services which are more convenient to most people and are the most reliable.
  • There are however restricted to only the larger towns such as Luanda.