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Places to visit in Angola

  • Angola is a very attractive country that has places of different diversities to be visited from the exotic national parks in the country to beaches, deserts and waterfalls.
  • All these locations can be toured within the country and are located in different regions therefore you can plan effectively.


  • In Luanda, you can visit Mussulo island which s famed to have clean tropical beaches and where you can carry out water sports such as deep-sea diving, rowing, and also explore some of the beautiful coral reefs.
  • Several tour companies offer different packages for these activities.
  • Also in Luanda, you can visit the famed Benfica market.
  • They sell some of the countries carvings and you can get yourself souvenirs from the market.
  • It also allows you to see how the locals shop and do business.


  • Benguela is a town full of culture.
  • Art deco and architecture is indigenous to the people of Angola.
  • Also, you can be able to see the architecture of the ancient people in Angola and how it has kept on changing with time.
  • Baia Azul in Benguela is famed for its beautiful desert beaches which are basically where the Kalahari Desert meets the Atlantic ocean. The scenery is breathtaking.
  • The Benguela railroad is also a place of beauty.

Kwanza Sul.

  • This place is famed for the Cubal Canyon, Conde hot springs and Cachoeiras/ Binga waterfalls.
  • Several tour companies can arrange for you to visit each of these places.
  • Cambambe Dam on River Kwanza. Waku Kungo plains have fantastic scenery.

Other places that are worth mentioning include;

  • Malange - Kalandula Waterfalls and Pungo n'Dongo Black Stones.
  • Huila - Serra de Leba, Tunbda Vala Gorge, Mumuila tribespeople, fantastic scenery.
  • Namibe - Arco Lagoon, beaches and a desert, and Mucubais Tribes People.
  • Huambo - City Tours, Alto Hama hot springs, and fantastic scenery.
  • In Cunene - Himba tribespeople, Ruacana Falls, and fantastic scenery.