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A guide to find the best prepaid SIM card in Argentina

  • Argentina has 3 main telco service providers
  • Claro
  • Movistar
  • Personal


  • Claro is the leading telecommunication service provider in Argentina, some of their top prepaid plans include:
  1. Prepaguero tripilica plan- This plan offers 50MB of data for AR$7
  2. Prepago Nacional plan- offers 50 MB of data daily for AR$ 4.3
  • Both plans are valid for 24 hours when you use up your 50MB, you can still access the internet though the added data packs have a much slower speed.
  • Weekly data plans cost AR$40.
  • Prepaid airtime vouchers ( Tarjeta prepagas) are available for Claro SIM cards ( referred to as SIM chips in Argentina) starting at AR$5.
  • Send your voucher code to *444# to activate it.


  • Movistar is the second telco service provider. They also have prepaid plans similar to those of Claro but their plans are slightly cheaper.
  • Movistar also has internet only SIM cards known as internet prepago whose prepaid data plans start at AR$18 for 200MB.


  • Though it comes in third, personal is actually gaining ground on Claro and Movistar. Their most popular prepaid plans are their unlimited internet plans worth AR$34 for 7 days and AR$109 for 30 days.