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Argentina currency guide

Money exchange

  • Foreign notes which have creases or marks are often rejected at many foreign exchange bureaus and banks.
  • For ease of exchange at a good rate make sure your money is in US dollars, Euros, Uruguayan or Chilean pesos. Avoid other types of currencies since it's difficult to exchange them.


  • Very many tourist-oriented businesses quote their prices in US dollars since the Argentian peso is always fluctuating in value.
  • Credit cards are accepted in most places but American Express and Diners cards are not common here and very few businesses accept these cards.
  • Tip: Carry your driver's license or a copy of your passport since most people here tend to ask for a valid photo ID in case you pay using your credit card. These two documents just work perfectly as well.


  • Withdrawals are expensive and limited to 3 withdrawals per day.
  • Withdrawal fees at most banks for Non- Argentinian ATM cards is US$ 10.
  • In tourist places its common to find that ATMs have run out of cash, so when you withdraw make sure to withdraw a sufficient amount to cover your needs.