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Updated on Apr 10, 2020 Useful Info

How much to tip in Argentina and general tipping etiquette

  • Tipping is very common in Argentina. The norm here is similar to North America, so if you're coming from US and Canada you can expect to tip at similar places as you would back home
  • Tips are best given out in pesos but you can also tip in USD and Euro bills (no coins)
  • If you're from Europe, Australia and Asia, tipping may be new to you. Here's some rough guidelines on where and how much to tip:
  • Restaurants: at sit-down restaurants and cafes where you have a server, you should tip 10% of the bill at minimum. If you're very happy with the service you can tip 15-20%. Even if restaurants charge service fees, you are still expected to tip on top of that. You don't have to tip anything at fast food restaurants or anywhere that's self-serve. Tipping is best done by cash even at restaurants that accept credit card
  • Tour guides: if you go on private tours, you should tip the tour guide for sure. Tip 300 pesos (or US$5) per day per person, or 15-20% of your entire tour price (amongst your entire group, not per person), whichever is higher
  • Taxi: you don't need to tip your taxi drivers. You can round up the bill to the closest 50 pesos if you want, but this is completely optional
  • Hotel:
  • If you get helped by the bellhop, you should tip him/her 100-300 pesos (about USD$1.5-$5) depending on how many pieces of luggage you have. Tip on the higher if you have lots of stuff
  • If you get room service, tip about 10% of the bill
  • For housekeeping staff, you don't have to tip. If they're doing an excellent job, you can certainly tip them if you want at whatever amount you want
  • Personal services (hair salon, nail, massage, etc.): tip about 10-20% to your service providers. Tipping for hair salon is not as common so you don't really have to do it.
  • Valet parking: 200-400 pesos (USD$3-$6) is a good amount to tip
  • Bars: you don't have to tip your bartender but it will be appreciated. 100 pesos for a round of drinks regardless of how many drinks you get is a good rule of thumb
  • Food delivery: if you do get food delivery, tip the delivery person similar amount as you would at a restaurant. So about 15-20% of the price of your order