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How to cross from Argentina to Chile

  • Crossing from Argentina to Chile through the lake district involves
  1. road
  2. lake crossing

Most people prefer doing tours when moving across the border. The tour takes 2 days normally, however, weather can affect that. This is how the tour is done;

Bariloche or Puerto Montt to Puerto Varas

  • Bariloche and Puerto Montt are where the tours begin. (The two are the principal cities in this region)
  • The trip by road to Puerto Varas takes about 1 hour.

Puerto Varas to Petrohue

  • This is a trip by road. Petrohue is where the lake crossing will be done. This trip takes one and a half hours.

The lake crossing

  • The lake channel used for crossing from Petrohue is famously known by the locals as Lago Togo dos Santos.
  • It takes 2 hours to move across.
  • You'll arrive at Peulla in Chile.
  • NOTE; Throughout your trip the view of the Andes mountains from both the lake and the roads is amazing.

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I remember my trip to Patagonia Argentina where I visited the Torre Glacier in the vicinity of Santa Cruz. Amazing landscapes

Hazel Mwaka Mwazonga

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I had a look at your article. Nice trip!