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How to take the ferry from Argentina to Uruguay

Ferry routes

  • There are 2 common ferry routes from Buenos Aires to Argentina
  1. Buenos Aires - Montevideo
  2. Buenos Aires - Colonia del Sacramento
  • 3 ferry companies operate along these routes: Buquebus, Colonia Express and Seacat.
  • Buying ferry tickets was pretty much chaotic at first, but here are some tips that helped me out.

How to buy ferry tickets

How to pay for ferry tickets

  • All 3 ferry companies have Argentian websites and Uruguayan websites, that means payment can either be done in dollars, Argentinian pesos or Uruguayan pesos which have different values, if you're a visiting tourist it's best to pay in dollars to avoid confusion
  • TIP: Booking on the Uruguayan website is cheaper than booking on the Argentina website but Uruguayan websites of all 3 companies are only in Spanish.

Route choosing

  • Buquebus operates direct ferries to Montevideo and then connect you by bus to Colonia del Sacramento and Punta del Este, Colonia Express and Seacat have direct ferries to Colonia del Este and a bus connection to Montevideo,

Important info:

  • Buquebus has the most stable English website.
  • Ferry- bus combos (Colonia express and Seacat) are the cheapest way to get to Montevideo from Buenos Aires but this will take you like 2 more hours and save you about $30 one each ticket.