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Tanzania Safari | packages&Zanzibar Holiday 2021/2022

Tanzania safari is the envy of most safari countries, being home to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Zanzibar. All of Tanzania’s safari parks have their own special appeal, which makes the country a real contender for favourite safari destination in the world.

The Northern circuit includes the Serengeti National Park. This is the famous stomping ground of the Wildebeest Great Migration, which attracts the highest concentration of predators in Africa. You could combine time here with a few nights on top of the Ngorongoro Crater or the magnificent Tarangire which famous for big herds of Elephants and gigantic Baobab trees or along the shores of Lake Manyara to witness Tanzania's absolutely phenomenal for bird viewing of Flamingoes . Alternatively, you could head to the southern circuit on your Tanzania safari tour to experience the country’s charming ‘off-the-beaten-track’ wildlife regions, such as Ruaha National Park and the Selous Game Reserve.

Types of Tanzania Safari Tours;

  • Budget Camping Tours - visiting Arusha, the Great Rift Valley, Ngorongoro Crater, the Northern Safari Circuit, and Southern Tanzania Game Parks, including Mikumi Park, Ruaha National Park, Udzungwa Mountains and Selous Game Reserve which is now Mwalimu Nyerere national park. Affordable tours that get you close to nature, staying in or near game parks and places of interest.
  • Budget Lodge Safaris - exploring Tarangire National Park, Serengeti and Ngorongoro (Northern Safari Circuit), as well as the Southern Tanzania Game Parks of Mikumi Park, Ruaha National Park, and Selous Game Reserve. A step up from camping, you stay in well-selected safari lodges and similar accommodation, exploring nature in a bit of style and comfort.
  • Exclusive Budget Tours - to Arusha and the Northern Safari Circuit (Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Tarangire National Park) along with Kenyan game parks, including the Masai Mara. These are small group safaris that generally combine comfortable camping and lodge or tented camp accommodation, offering a good balance between camping and lodging.

What to Expect on Tanzania Safari tour!

Serengeti National Park - the Endless Plains

Famous for the Great Migration and wide-open savannah grasslands teeming with wildlife. The Serengeti Plains roll on in a seemingly endless sea of iconic African landscapes. The oldest and most popular national park in Tanzania, the Serengeti Park is a world heritage site. The annual Wildebeest Migration is one of the most awesome wildlife spectacles on earth, consisting of hundreds of thousands to millions of stampeding wildebeest, zebra, Thomson's gazelle and other antelopes, in turn attracting an array of predators!

Ngorongoro Crater - the Garden of Eden

This extinct volcano is home to the highest density of wild animals found in one area in Africa. The largest unflooded Caldera in the world, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is one of the top places for sighting predators, especially lions.

Tarangire National Park - less touristy wildlife gem

Tarangire is best known for its huge elephant population and tree-climbing lions, as well as being home to a huge variety of birds. Tarangire Park is scattered with baobab trees and termite mounds, adding to its unique landscape. Tarangire is said to host one of the world's highest concentrations of elephants per square kilometre. Tarangire is also inhabited by Tanzania's second-highest concentration of wildlife during the dry months.

Lake Manyara National Park - the loveliest Lake in Africa

This national park includes diverse habitats supporting incredibly varied wildlife. Known for the huge flamingo flocks and other birds attracted to shallow Lake Manyara, along with tree-climbing lions and numerous other wild animals.

What to pack on Tanzania Safari tour!

  • Valid passport and Visa
  • Airline Ticket
  • Yellow fever immunisation card
  • US$ cash
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Small Diary and Pen
  • Short and Long sleeve T-shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Trousers
  • Normal Jackets
  • Rain Jacket
  • Walking Shoes
  • Lightweight Shoes
  • Towel
  • Sun Screen
  • Insect Reparent Spray
  • First Aid Kit
  • Binoculars
  • Video Camera And Normal Camera
  • Battery Pack

Just off Tanzania’s coast lies Zanzibar, with its fascinating history and exceptional beaches. If you’d like to combine bush and beach, this idyllic island is best visited at the end of your Tanzania safari holiday.

Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa. On its main island, Unguja, familiarly called Zanzibar, is Stone Town, a historic trade center with Swahili and Islamic influences. Its winding lanes present minarets, carved doorways and 19th-century landmarks such as the House of Wonders, a former sultan’s palace. The northern villages Nungwi and Kendwa have wide beaches lined with hotels.

Zanzibar Holiday

The name Zanzibar alone is likely to conjure up images of spice markets, palm-fringed beaches and white-sailed dhows on a turquoise sea – and happily the reality doesn’t disappoint. Lying only a short distance off the Tanzania coast but at the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Zanzibar has long been at the centre of the Indian Ocean experience in East Africa and a Zanzibar holiday is a sensory experience par excellence.

Go on spice tours, taste local dishes and walk the cobbled streets of the capital’s old quarter Stone Town, now a World Heritage Site buzzing with colourful back-street markets and local flavours,Without forgetting Jozani Forest and Prison Island . And then of course there are the Zanzibar beaches: perfect for anyone who simply wants to enjoy a lazily luxurious beach vacation - Zanzibar and its outlying islands are home to some of the finest beaches in East Africa as well as a number of its best dive sites.

You won’t want for somewhere to stay either: one of the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations, Zanzibar has accommodation that ranges from luxury beachfront cottages to exclusive boutique hotels and elegant spa resorts; parents on the other hand will be delighted by Zanzibar's family-friendly hotels and safe-swimming beaches.

Best time For a Zanzibar Holiday!

The best time for a Zanzibar holiday is from June to October during the cool,dry months of spring, another best time to visit this tropical island is from December to February when it's hot and dry.

Rainy seasons are not ideal time to visit this tropical island which are mainly from mid-March to late May and again in November

What should I pack?

The most practical items to pack for your island adventure are:

  • Day wear: beach wear, shorts and t-shirts
  • Evening wear: smart casual
  • Swim suit
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Light sweater
  • Laundry: Most hotels do their best to deliver a same day laundry service, weather permitting. Dry cleaning can be arranged at most hotels.