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How to get from Sydney to Palau

Palau is one of the world's top dive destinations.

Many Australians often come from Sydney to visit the 500 plus islands of Palau.

Why Visit Palau?

  1. The beautiful hard and soft coral are a home to a mind-blowing diversity of marine life.
  2. It is a home to the tortoise, shark's, sea snakes, beautiful giant clams, sea horse and rays.
  3. It is well known for its World War 2 wreck diving.
  4. It hosts the great Ngemelis Wall, or the Big Drop off.
  5. Koror, its main town also hosts World War 2 Museums and monuments.
  6. The presence of the Rock Islands where snorkeling and sunbathing are some of the popular activities.

The 3 ways to get from Sydney to Palau, by plane or train

Fly from Sydney to Palau

  • There's a train that leaves the Wynyard Station after every 5 minutes for the International Airport Station in Sydney.
  • It takes 22 minutes and costs about 13 dollars.
  • Take a 15 hour flight to Koror.
  • The flight costs between 650 USD and 1700 USD.
  • You'll then take a 10 minutes drive from Koror to Koror Town, which is only 9.4 km away.

From Sydney to Newcastle by train, then fly to Palau

  • There's a 3 hour train that leaves Central Station for Hamilton Station after every 30 minutes.
  • It costs around 15 USD to 30 USD.
  • Take a 30 minutes bus drive from Maitland Road before Beaumont Street to Newcastle Airport.
  • The drive costs between 2 USD and 4 USD.
  • Take a 16.5 hour flight from Newcastle to Koror, which costs between 750 USD and 2600 USD.
  • As previously mentioned, take a bus from Koror to Koror Town.

Take a train to Orange then fly to Palau

  • Take a 4.75 hour train from Central Station to Orange Station.
  • Then take a taxi from Orange Station to Orange, where you'll take a flight to Koror.
  • The whole route costs between 1550 USD and 4275 USD.