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Submitted on Jan 13, 2020 Useful Info

Best way to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, Thailand and vice versa

  • Ayutthaya (specifically the Ayuttaya Historical Park) is located just 75km north of Bangkok, and there are lots of ways to easily get there from the city. Because of the short distance, Ayutthaya is a pretty popular day-trip destination from Bangkok for many tourists
  • The two main ways for travelers to get there are:
  1. Train: the best option
  2. Minivan
  • Aside from these two main methods, there are also some specialized (and expensive) ways to get to Ayutthaya including organized tour, cruises, and private car/taxi

  • Option 1) Train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya: Best optionUser submitted photo of Ayutthaya
  • There are 21 daily trains from Bangkok to Ayuttaya operated by the State Railway of Thailand. Of these, there are a couple of different types of them running, including Commuter, Ordinary, Rapid, Express, and Special Express. Generally speaking you don't want to take the Special Express trains because they only have beds, not seats, and is orders of magnitude more expensive (more on this below)
  • Travel time: 1h17min to1h37min depending on the train type
  • Prices: the train fare varies by type of train
  • You don't want to take any of the Special Express trains because they're all-bed trains and designed for long-distance travels (for example from Bangkok to Chiang Mai) and consequently the fares are pretty expensive; minimum 468 baht ($15USD) for Bangkok to Ayutthaya.
  • Express trains have seats but they're also pretty expensive, at around 165 baht ($5.5USD) per seat for 3rd class, which has no air conditioning; and 245 baht ($8.15USD) per seat for 2nd class, which has air conditioning
  • Instead, you should take the Commuter, Ordinary, Rapid trains. 2nd class ticket for them class at most 65 baht ($2.15USD) per person each way, and 3rd class tickets cost at most 45 baht ($1.5USD) per person each way. Note that none of these trains are air conditioned
  • For the up-to-date prices you can check the official State Railway of Thailand's website
  • Schedule:
  • Bangkok to Ayutthaya: earliest train departs at 4:20am, and the last train departs at 10:45pm
  • Ayutthaya to Bangkok: earliest train departs at 2:27am, and the last train departs at 9:42pm
  • You can check the latest train schedule on State Railway of Thailand's website: (click "Timetables" on the homepage) to look up the schedule and pricesUser submitted photo of Ayutthaya
  • How to buy tickets:
  • In Thailand you can purchase train tickets online at, which is run by State Railway of Thailand. Tickets can be purchased online up to 90 days in advance with credit card
  • For your trip to Ayutthaya, however, I recommend just getting your ticket in person at the train station. I don't think you can use credit card for purchase here, so make sure you have cash with you. You also need to have your passport with you to buy tickets
  • Train station in Bangkok: Bangkok Railway Station (located here), also called Hua Lamphong Station, is the main train station in Bangkok and where all the trains bound for Ayutthaya depart from and arrive at. It's located pretty close to the Chinatown, and can be easily accessed by MRT Blue Line at Hua Lamphong Station
  • Train station in Ayutthaya: the train station in Ayutthaya is simply called Ayutthaya Railway Station and is located here, very close to central Ayutthaya
  • Getting to Ayutthaya city center and Historical Park after the train: from the train station, it'll take about 30 minutes to walk to downtown Ayutthaya and 1 hour to walk to the Historical Park. You can also take a tuk tuk from the train station to downtown and the Historical Park for about 100 baht ($3.3USD). Many visitors often book a tuk tuk to take them around for the whole day. The cost of doing this really varies a lot depending on how hard you negotiate, but 200 baht ($6.6) per hour is what many people have succeeded in negotiating to
  • One last thing, when you board the train make sure you bring your passport with you as they check for ID when you board the train

  • Option 2) Minivan from Bangkok to AyutthayaUser submitted photo of Ayutthaya
  • There are a number of minivan services running between Bangkok and Ayutthaya. They cost more than trains and take about the same amount of time as trains, so I don't really recommend using them
  • Cost: basic minivan prices range from 100-130 baht ($3.3-$4.3USD) per person each way, and nicer ones range from 200-300 baht ($6.7-$10USD)
  • Travel time: 1.5-2 hours
  • Minivan operators:
  • There are quite a number of different minivan operators to Ayutthaya, including Win 91 Ayutthaya, Tara Tours & Travel, and Mama Travel & Tour. See below on how to book tickets on these vans. These vans cost 200-300 baht (US$6.7-$10) per seat each way
  • In addition to these "branded" vans, you can also catch cheap white vans from Mo Chit Bus Terminal in Bangkok (located here). These vans cost around 100 per person (US$3.3) each way
  • How to book tickets:
  • In Thailand I've used 12Go ( and BusOnlineTicket (; they seem to be the biggest online ticket booking agencies in the country. Both of them sell minivan tickets between Bangkok and Ayutthaya offered by 91 Ayutthaya, Tara and Mama. 12Go actually runs its own branded service on this route as wellUser submitted photo of Ayutthaya
  • You can also just go to Mo Chit Bus Terminal (located here) and buy a ticket there at windows 15 through 17
  • Minivan schedule:
  • Bangkok to Ayutthaya: the earliest minibus departs at around 6:30am, and the last minibus departs at around 4pm
  • Ayutthaya to Bangkok: the earliest minibus departs at around 7am, and the last minibus departs at around 6pm
  • Check 12Go or BusOnlineTicket for the current van schedule
  • Van terminal in Bangkok:
  • Each van operator has different terminal in Bangkok, so it's best to check with them when you buy ticket on 12Go/BusOnlineTicket
  • If you want to go to Mo Chit Bus Terminal (located here) directly to take the "unbranded" vans, you can do that by taking MRT Blue Line to Kamphaeng Phet Station, then walk for 30 minutes or take a taxi for 10 minutes. There's unfortunately no metro station that this terminal is located on
  • Van terminal in Ayutthaya: most of the vans will drop you off at around Chao Phrom Market in Ayutthaya, located here. It's in the middle of the city center area and easy to get to your hotel on foot or tuk tuk. You can walk from here to the Historical Park in 30 minutes. Plenty of tuk tuks are available around here for hire to take you to the Historical Park, or for charter for multiple hours (even a whole day). Tuk tuk charter prices need to be negotiated, but 200 baht per hour ($6.7USD/hour) is the going rate

  • Other options
  • Organized tours and cruises: instead of booking just the transportation, many visitors book group tours or cruises to Ayutthaya, which includes transportation to/from Bangkok. The cost of these tours vary greatly, from as low as 1000 baht ($33USD) to as much as 7000 baht ($231USD). Most of them are in the 2000-3000 baht range for a day tour. You can find and book these tours through online platforms like Tripadvisor, Viator, GetYourGuide, and Klook. On Viator/GetYourGuide/Klook, you need to go to the main page for Bangkok and that's where you'll find the tours. However, to find cheaper tours, go to a local tour agency in Bangkok itself (a quick Google Maps search can show you where they are)
  • Private taxi/car: you can book a private car to take you to Ayutthaya. They cost around 2000-3000 baht ($67-$100USD) each way. The obvious advantage of using this option is that it's door-to-door, picking you up from the hotel and dropping you off at your final destination. Travel time is also quite short, taking usually around 1 hour. You can book these cars through 12Go, Klook, and Viator