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Submitted on Mar 17, 2019 Useful Info

Dress code in Bagan for men and women

  • Bagan is a city of temples, so as one can imagine there's a level of dress code tourists are expected to adhere to when you visit the temples there (when you're outside no one cares what you wear)
  • From my experience travelling there, most of the temples are unguarded, so even if you don't wear the appropriate dress code you'll be fine. But the larger temples are guarded and dress code enforced. So to avoid hassles, I suggest adhering to the dress code
  • Dress code is pretty simple and the same for both men and women: cover up your shoulders and knees, and no shoes in temples
  • Specific things to wear:
  • Shirts, polos, or Tshirt
  • Knee-length shorts or trousers
  • Flip flops are totally fine. You're expected to take off your shoes to go into temples anyway
  • For women, skirt is fine as long as they're below knees
  • NO singlets/tank tops for both men and women. You can wear them while out and about, but bring a large scarf to cover yourself with when you visit temples
  • Don't fret if you accidentally forgot to follow the code. Most larger temples will have places you can rent something to cover yourself with