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Submitted on Feb 27, 2019 Useful Info

How much time to spend in Bagan

  • I recommend spending 2-3 nights (3-4 days) in Bagan
  • While there are indeed hundreds if not thousands of temples there, most of them are identical to one another. Once you see the main ones and a number of secondary temples, the rest basically look the same
  • 2 nights in Bagan will let you get a sense of most of the temples there. You will also get the chance to watch the sunset, plus sunrise either from top of a temple or from the hot air balloon. However, it will be an exhausting because the temple area is quite big
  • 3 nights will let you tour Bagan at a more leisured pace, and you will have time to relax during the day by the hotel pool
  • Aside from temples, there aren't that much else to do in Bagan. So after a while it becomes repetitive