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Updated on Jun 29, 2018 Useful Info

Rent a scooter to easily get around Bagan

  • I did a solo trip to Bagan last year for 4 days
  • The first 2 days I got around by bicycle but it got really tiring after a few hours (that could just be me though I'm not the most in shape guy)
  • So I ended up renting one of those electric scooters from the town that's pretty close by the hotel I stayed at. I forgot exactly where I got the scooter from but there were a lot of shops renting them. They look like this:
  • They run on battery. Mine lasted almost the entire day (about 8 hours). It literally ran out as I was about a mile from my hotel. They come with these pedals that let you manually recharge the battery so I basically pedalled it back to my hotel
  • They're really cheap. I got mine for 8000 kyat ($6 usd) per day
  • I saw a lot of them in Bagan I think most tourists use these to get around
  • You don't need any license or anything like that to rent these