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As an amazing destination, Bali boasts of having beautiful villas where you can rent. Forget for a moment about the typical tourism culture where people stay in hotels which are more than often overpriced, rental villas are the latest trend and many people prefer them because of the diversity that they give to many people.

  • There are several types of villas that one can choose from there are villas that are well suited for occasions such as honeymoons or luxury dates with that special someone. An example of such a villa is villa Bulan Madu that is a one bedroom villa that is preferred for 2 sleeps. This villa is simply fantastic as it contains a private pool, a massive open air bathroom and a very cosy bedchamber. The villa costs $200 per night for the two occupants.
  • Villa Iskandar is has 4 air conditioned bedrooms with a capacity of 8-12 adults. It also boasts of a free-form swimming pool and allows for the occupants to choose between indoor and outdoor living and dining areas. The villa is located by the riverside making it a sanctuary that includes a gorgeous background of towering trees and a fast flowing river. The scenery and landscape setting allows for those morning runs and is a fresh breeze of beauty.
  • Inspired by the beautiful cemagi beach, Villa Anucara is a refreshing villa that is just 150 meteres from the famed Cemagi beach. It is donned with white exteriors to complement the beautiful landscape. The villa has 5 king-bedded rooms including 2 master rooms that have a perfect view of the beach and 3 other rooms. The villa that is located on a 3300km2 and contains a 35-meter pool and a pool side lounge. This beauty also contains huge gardens planted with snowy frangipani blossoms and sweetly scented jasmine.

These are just but examples of the villas I visited and to say i had a beautiful experience is an understatement.