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Best place to exchange currency in Bangkok

  • The most recommended place I came across on Reddit and various blogs to exchange money in Bangkok are two similarly named but separate chains called Superrich Thailand (, and Super Rich (
  • They both have booths at the BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi), as well as locations in various places around Bangkok
  • Their rates were much better than the banks (I compared their rates at the BKK airport). Also, their airport locations had good rates I don't think you need to wait until you get into the city to exchange
  • You need to your passport to exchange, but from experience if the amount isn't too big you can get away with another picture ID (they let me exchange $100 with my driver's license at one of their city locations)
  • To find them at the BKK airport:
  • They're located on level B, 2 floors below arrival
  • Once you get to level B, follow signs for trains to city
  • Then look for their logos on one of the booths as you get close to the city-bound train station inside the terminal:User submitted photo of BangkokUser submitted photo of Bangkok
  • You can find their city locations on their official sites:
  • Superrich:!/en/contact#branch
  • Super Rich:


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On Aug 16, 2019

I recommend Everex money transfer to Super Rich if you want to travel almost cashless. They offer fair exchange rate and do not charge any extra fees. Plus they offer free cardless ATM withdrawal in Thailand. Better to use Everex if you want to spend like a local.