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Submitted on Jan 10, 2020 Useful Info

Best way to get to the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, Thailand

  • Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal is a major transportation hub in Bangkok, where many of the coach buses going to western and southern Thai cities depart from. If you're taking a bus to Phuket, Surat Thani, Chumphon, Krabi, etc., chances are you'll need to go to the Southern Bus Terminal
  • Here's the location of the Southern Bus Terminal, in relation to downtown Bangkok (in green). Here's link to the station on Google Maps:

  • You cannot get to Southern Bus Terminal by metro alone. The closest metro station is Ban Yi Khan MRT Station (located here), which is a solid 10km east of the bus terminal
  • There are only two ways to get to the bus terminal: by taxi (the best option) and by public transportation (metro/bus). I'll detail below exactly how use each of these two options

  • Option 1) By Taxi: Best option
  • Taxi is the best and most common way to get to the Southern Bus Terminal
  • From central Bangkok (Sukhumvit, Silom area), the taxi fare is going to cost 250-350 baht ($8.25-$10USD). From the "old Bangkok" areas like Khao San Road and the Grand Palace area, the taxi fare will be slightly cheaper, around 180-280 baht ($6-$9.25USD)
  • It takes about 30-40 minutes by taxi to get to Southern Bus Terminal from central Bangkok (Sukhumvit/Silom area), and 10-20 minutes to get there from Khao San/Grand Palace area
  • There are lots of taxis in Bangkok that you can just flag on the street. The ones available have red signs in front, like this:User submitted photo of Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)
  • As a rule of thumb, avoid taxis that are parked in front of hotels, and always make sure to use the meter. Additionally, avoid using tuk tuks in Bangkok because many of them would try take you to shopping trips
  • You can also use Grab taxi, which I high recommend in Thailand. It works exactly like Uber, and you use your phone to get the car. You will need to have wifi or a SIM card to use it. I recommend you download the app and set it up before you go to Thailand ( Grab is basically the same price as metered taxis in Bangkok for the basic car. You can also get premium cars with it too

  • Option 2) By Public Transportation: Cheapest option, but not good if you have lots of luggage
  • If you're on a tight budget, you might want to consider getting to the Southern Bus Terminal using public transportation. As I mentioned before, there's no metro station close to it, so you will have to take a bus or metro/bus combination to get to it
  • Cost: buses and metros are extremely cheap in Bangkok. You will be able to get to the Southern Terminal from pretty much anywhere in Bangkok for no more than $1-$2USD
  • How to plan your route: The best way to plan out your trip to the bus terminal from where you are is to use the ViaBus app (Android, iOS). This app shows you all the bus stations around you, and let you choose any of them as the starting point. You can then search for "Southern Bus Terminal (Taling Chan)" as the end point. The app will then tell you exactly which bus or combination of buses you need to take to get there. Here are some screenshots of the app:User submitted photo of Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)User submitted photo of Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)
  • If you have luggage, however, I do not recommend this option. Most buses do not have adequate amount of space for large bags and can get very crowded
  • For more details about how to take a bus in Bangkok, read here