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Getting into Bangladesh.

  • There are 3 main ways of getting into the country that includes;
  1. By plane.
  2. By bus.
  3. By train.

By plane.

  • Shahjalal International Airport (formerly Zia International Airport) is the main way of getting into the country as this airport primarily receives international flights.
  • Chittagong and Sylhet are other cities that have airports that are gateways to international flights but they are not as commonly used as Shahjalal.
  • The national carrier is Bangladesh Biman which operates major routes such as to the Middle East, Europe and also Asia.
  • The carrier is under re-organization and more routes are being added to it. Soon it will be able to go all the way to London and Manchester in the UK and also to Rome in Italy.
  • There are also other private carriers such as US Bangla and Regent Airways.
  • These mostly operate local flights and a few regional flights to countries such as Muscat, Singapore, Bangkok, Doha and Kuala Lumpur.
  • There are some direct flights into Bangladesh from countries such as Qatar (Qatar Airways) and Oman (Oman Air).
  • You can book your flight using these airlines and get into the country.

By bus.

  • The only land borders that you can rely on being open are those with India.
  • The crossing between Bangladesh and Myanmar is usually restricted.
  • The most common way is the regular comfortable a/c buses from Kolkata to Dhaka via the Haridaspur / Benapole border post.
  • There are private buses that ferry people such as Shohang and Greenline.
  • Govt. buses run under the label of the state-owned West Bengal Surface Transport Service Corporation (WBSTSC) and the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation.

By train.

  • Train services were suspended between India and Bangladesh, however, Maitree Express begun operating between Dhaka and Kolkata in April 2008.
  • The service is 5 times a week.