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Mobile Network operators in Bangladesh.

  • For those travelling to Bangladesh, you can opt to buy a local SIM card to use while in the country.
  • This is a cheaper way to keep using your mobile phone especially in areas that do not have Wi-Fi.
  • This reduces roaming charges and allows you to keep on communicating with people within the country at a very cheap price.
  • There are four major mobile network operators in the country and they include;
  1. Grameenphone.
  2. Robi.
  3. Banglalink.
  4. Teletalk.


  • This is the largest mobile network in the country in terms of subscribers.
  • This is a total of 77.592 million subscribers.
  • It also has the largest coverage in the entire country and most people consider it the best mobile network operator in the country.
  • The SIM cards can be found at the airport stores or in their authorized shops in the country.
  • You will require your passport to be able to purchase one as they need to register you into the system.
  • This allows for the company to reduce the number of prank phone calls and cons over the phone.
  • They offer internet in 3G, 3G+, HSPA+ and LTE which is 4G.
  • They also have phone services in VoLTE.


  • This is the second largest mobile network operator in the country in terms of subscribers.
  • It has a total of 49.004 million subscribers.
  • It is relatively good as compared to the others.
  • The SIM cards can be bought, just like Grameenphone, at the airport and also in the designated shops.
  • The shops can be identified because they are branded by the companies logo.
  • A passport is also required to be able to purchase a SIM card.


  • This is the third largest mobile operator in the country by subscribers.
  • it has 32 million subscribers.
  • It does not have LTE services in many parts of the country only in the major towns.


  • It is the smallest telco and is owned by the state.
  • It does not have the best coverage in the country.