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Visa requirements in Bangladesh.

  • There are citizens of a few countries that can get into the country for 90 days without having a visa.
  • For citizens of countries such as Tanzania, Jamaica, Lesotho, Botswana, Papua New Guinea and Malawi only require a valid passport to get into the country.
  • This list, however, keeps on changing due to international relations between the countries. Be sure to check with the Bangladesh embassy before travelling to get the most up to date requirements.
  • For these countries, you are allowed to visit the country for 90 days provided you are not going to do any business in the country.
  • Those intending to do business, have to get a special business permit so as to operate within the country.
  • Nationals of all European Union and others such as Russia, China, Australia and the United Kingdom can apply for their visas on arrival and the visa is valid for a period of up to 30 days.
  • Those passengers transiting through the country do not particularly require a visa while waiting for the connecting flight.
  • This is provided, they have valid travelling documents that include; onward and return documentation and also they should not leave the airport.
  • Occasionally, tourists travelling to Dhaka may be granted 'Landing permission' by the Chief immigration officer that allows them to stay for up to 15 days in the country.
  • There is a flat fee of USD 50 for the visa application and an additional VAT and the total usually comes to about USD 51.
  • The VAT can be paid in Taka, however, the visa application fee is required in USD.
  • The total visa charge is dependent on your country of residence and also on the length of stay in the country.