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Best Prepaid Sim Cards in Barbados

The Island of Barbados has one of the best prepaid sim card deals in the Caribbean that can greatly reduce your roaming bills.

The following brief exhausts all you need to know about telco providers in Barbados.

1. Digicel Barbados

  • This is the main Telco Provider in Barbados and has the best signal.
  • Offers 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE services.

Digicel Barbados Prepaid Sim Cards

  • The locals call them "chips".
  • They can be purchased in official stores, approved venders and resellers, supermarkets and at the airport.
  • You must provide your passport in order to purchase and activate the chip.

Digicel Barbados Credit

  • They are available to allow you to enjoy the cheap offers and affordable deals.
  • You can purchase credit using the Barbados Dollar or the US Dollar in Digicel official stores and outlets.
  • Credit vouchers can also be purchased online using your credit card.
  • Top up amounts range between BBD5 and BBD250. All denominations are available.
  • Dial *120# to check your credit balance.
  • Dial *246# and select your Smart Plan option.
  • Dial *120*131# to check your data balance.
  • Dial *153# to purchase the "Roam Like You're Home" package.

2. Flow

  • This is the 2nd largest Telco Provider in Barbados.
  • It offers 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE services.
  • Network coverage is poor along the shoreline and through some inland areas but improves as you move towards the mainland.

Flow Prepaid Sim Cards

  • Can be purchased in official stores and outlets across the Island and activated by showing your passport.
  • The Flow chip costs only BBD25 and comes with BBD10 worth of credit.

Flow Credit

  • Can be purchased in form of vouchers available across the Island or by using your credit card online.
  • Top ups are available in denominations worth BBD5 to BBD120.
  • Dial *120# to check your balance.
  • Dial *129# to activate roaming.
  • Dial *146*data bundles in mbs# to purchase your preferred data plan.