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Submitted on Jun 29, 2019 Useful Info

Where to buy SIM card at Berlin Tegel Airport

  • The only place at Tegel I found that sold SIM card is a shop called Capi The Travellers Electronics Company
  • It's located in Terminal A/B, which is the main terminal (the one that's circular shaped)
  • It's located close to the entrance to the terminal, where all the airline lounges are located and about 50 meters from the Starbucks
  • On Google Maps it's located here
  • This is what the shop looks like: User submitted photo of Berlin Tegel Airport
  • As I've written here, the SIM card sold here is not from any of the major telecom companies in Germany (Telekom and Vodafone). This shop sells SIM card from a smaller provider called Lebara. The speed was decent and cost was only slightly more expensive than the ones from Telekom and Vodafone, but the only option they had was 2-3GB (for €24.95), no more