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Updated on Mar 20, 2019 Useful Info

How to be safe in taxis in Bogota

I recently visited Bogota, Colombia the taxi system here is quite chaotic, hectic and unsafe for unsuspecting tourists. Taxi drivers here don't have the best reputations even amongst the locals, here are some tips to help guide you in avoiding most of the taxi scams here

No to street taxis.

  • Never get a cab from the streets. Get mobile taxis or ask a friend to order one for you. There are no Uber here, however, there is Tappsi and Easy Taxi. You're safer that way and will encounter fewer challenges.

Tariff and taxi meter scams

  • The fare calculator is supposed to hang from the back of the front passenger seat. However it might be missing in most of the taxis you board, it's a scam. In that case, you have two options;
  1. Ask for the tariff from the driver "la tarifa, por favor"
  2. Download the taxi calculator app. It's called calculadora de tarifas.
  • At times the taxi meter is tampered with such that it accelerates so quickly. It's meant to change by one digit for every 100 meters be keen and in case you notice such stop the driver and confront him, don't wait till you get to your destination.

Seatbelts are for front seat passengers.

  • That's the law here only the driver and front seat passenger must wear seatbelts. Most backseats lack seatbelts, always sit at the front.