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Submitted on May 24, 2020 Useful Info

How to get around in Bogota

  • You can easily get around Bogota by any of these 4 means
  1. Taxis
  2. Buses
  3. Rapid transit system. (Transmilenio)
  4. Bikes


  • Official taxis in Bogota are yellow in color and you can easily hail one on the streets though I don't recommend this for first-time travelers in Bogota.
  • Taxi-hailing apps available in Bogota
  1. Uber
  2. Easy taxi
  3. Tappsi
  • Note: Uber still has some legality issues in Colombia but as of February 2020 uber was back in Colombia.
  • I pay around 20000-30000cop for taxi rides within Bogota.
  • Money tip: Always have smaller bills before taking taxis. I've once paid using a 50000 cop note and the driver held on to my change.

Buses and Colectivas.

  • Buses in Bogota usually have a sign at the front window indicating where they are headed to. You just need to flag one down the street.
  • Most of these buses never follow any specific routes, they maneuver around to avoid traffic as long as they get to their final destination.
  • Generally, I avoid taking buses. They are mostly overcrowded and the traffic in Bogota is also crazy.

Transmillenio ( Bus Rapid Transit)

  • I'd say Transmilenio is the most effective way to get around Bogota quickly since transmilenio buses have their own road network which is rarely affected by traffic.
  • Cost: fares are a flat rate of 2100-2400 cop regardless of distance traveled.
  • You have to use smart cards (Tullave cards) to pay for your Transmilenio trips. You can get and recharge your Tullave card at any of the Transmilenio stations.
  • Every Transmilenio bus runs a specific route. All routes, stopovers, and schedules are available on Transmilenio's website.
  • There are 3 types of Transmilenio buses.
  1. Green feeder buses
  2. Red and orange buses- They serve the common routes around Bogota.
  3. Blue buses- They serve Bogota's outskirts.
  • Avoid Transmilenio at rush hour. The massive crowds make you easily get pickpocketed at the stations.


  • Bogota has the most extensive cycling routes in Latin America.
  • Recommended bike rental: Bogota bike tours. I've used their bikes severally, bike rentals cost 9000 cop ($2) per day and their bikes are in great shape.
  • Tip: Bikes are the best way to get around Bogota at rush hour