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Submitted on May 23, 2020 Useful Info

How to get from Bogota International (El Dorado) Airport to the City Center.

  • There are only two transport options from Bogota international airport:
  1. Taxi
  2. Buses( Transmilieno buses) - A bus rapid transit system
  • Most tourists usually stay in La Candelaria, most hotels and hostels are located in this neighborhood. I was also staying here.

Transport from The Airport to La Candelaria by Bus

  • Buses that take you to La Candelaria are boarded at Portal El Dorado station which is a few kilometers from the airport.
  • You can get to the station by taking the free feeder shuttle from the airport. The shuttle runs frequently, I waited for less than 10 minutes.
  • The shuttle station at the airport is on the first floor of terminal 1 just outside exit 7. Follow the signs in the arrivals.
  • The feeder bus is color green.

User submitted photo of Bogota

  • At Portal Eldorado I took bus no 1 to La Candelaria. K86 line also takes you to the city center. It makes several stops in La Candelaria. ( Stops are indicated on every bus so you can easily know where to alight).
  • Note: Using this shuttle system was also easy since Transmilenio's website is actively running. They've indicated all routes, departure times, and stations on each route.
  • Frequency: There's a bus heading to the city center every 10 minutes.
  • Fare: Trip to the city center costs 2400 COP ($0.6). You can't pay in cash you have to use Tullave cards.
  • Trip duration: It took me about an hour to get to La Candelaria.

What are Tullave cards and How to get one.

  • Tullave cards are smart cards used to pay for public bus transport in Bogota. You can buy one at the airport arrival halls at STIP counters or at the bus stations.

Airport Taxis

  • If you have lots of luggage taxis are the best option.
  • Uber is not available at the airport since it's illegal in Colombia.
  • The airport runs official taxis (taxi imperial) with two fleets: The white taxis and the yellow taxis.
  • The white taxis are not metered. You have to pay for the taxi at the counters available before exiting terminal 1 through gate 2, 3,5, and 6 or the arrivals get at terminal 1.
  • Once you're ready to leave board any white taxi and show the driver your receipt.
  • White taxis charge a flat rate of $16 ( 60000 COP ) to the city center.
  • Yellow taxis are metered, you'll pay once you arrive at your destination.
  • Takes about 30 minutes to get to the city center by taxi.