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How to get to La Chorrera falls

  • La Chorrera is the highest waterfall in Colombia just outside Bogota metropolis. It's also the sixth highest in all of Latin America. It's a unique day trip from Bogota especially if you want to avoid tourist crowds in Bogota and are seeking for some tranquil time away from the city. It's also an inexpensive trip. You'll spend less than $100 if you're visiting as a solo traveler.

How to get to La Chorrera waterfalls

  • There are several tours to La Chorerra from Bogota but they are unnecessarily expensive costing between $200-500.
  • A more mid range option is to take arrange for an Uber to take you and pick you up a few hours later.
  • It's very easy to get to the falls by bus. That's how most tourists get to the waterfall.
  • Take the transmillenio and get off at Tercer Milenio. There's a big police station and a bus terminal down the street just a few blocks away from the police station ( The Transoriente bus terminal). You can also take a taxi to the terminal. Take a minibus heading to Coachi from the terminal, tell the driver you're heading to the falls and he'll drop you at the entrance road to the falls. Minibus fare to Coachi is a flat COP 10,000. There are some shops at the entrance road, it's a good idea to confirm with the locals there what times the bus to Bogota from Coachi will be passing back or else you may have to wait for a bus for more than 30 minutes on your return trip to Bogota.
  • The falls are still 4.5km away from the main road. I recommend you catch a taxi or hitch hike from the main road. There's a few taxis here, they charge COP 5000.
  • The trail to the actual park entrance from the main road has two parts, first there's the 4km of dusty road accessible by taxi, 4x4 and foot. Then there's the final 0.5km steep trail that can only be accessed by 4x4 or foot. You can also go all the way to Coachi town and catch a 4x4 from there. This is especially the best option for people who don't understand any Spanish at all. In Coachi town you'll find drivers that understand some English.
  • At the actual park entrance you'll find a small tourist center. This is also the campsite and there's a restaurant you can pre-order lunch here. Camping costs COP 10,000 per person daily. You have to register using your passport number, watch a brief overview video and get a wristband for COP 15000 if you're visiting La Chorrera falls ( this is also inclusive of a visit to El Chiflon falls). If you're visiting the smaller El Chiflon only falls you'll pay COP 8000.
  • From the tourist center the rest of the trail is only accessible by foot or horse. To get a horse you'll pay an extra COP 17,000.
  • There's some small wooden signs all the way from the main road to the falls, it's difficult to get lost.

Where to get the best views of La Chorrera

The monkey cave ( La cueva de Los monos)

  • After the tourist center as you head to the falls there's a small steep upward trail. Though there are no more monkeys, this is one of the best places to view the La Chorrera falls.