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What to do in La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia’s capital city is bustling with locals, visitors, backpackers, and ex-pats. La Paz is a unique city where contemporary business mixes with age-old indigenous cultures. With activities ranging from the adrenaline pumping to the more cultural, it’s impossible to be bored when visiting this town!

Ride the La Paz Cable Car

Take La Paz’s public cablecar system to heights with "Mi Teleferico". This network provides fast and safe transport between the city’s major suburbs. Located at 4000 m above sea level, it is the world’s highest cable car ride with impressive views over La Paz.

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Colorful Houses at Chualluma

In 2019, this bright city bright up its color scheme with a state-financed street art project ‘Mi Qhatu‘ which painted the houses into traditional murals and geometric patterns.

To see these murals representing “cholitas” (local woman) and other native symbols to the city, you must climb “The 1000 Steps” or you can ride the cable car to El Alto.

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The Witches Market of La Paz

The markets of La Paz are the heart and soul of the city. In the bustling streets, the Bolivian ladies sit in front of their stalls dressed in the traditional bowler hat and colorful coat as they try to sell you all kinds of items. You’ll find cheap foods, hand-knitted alpaca wear, wood carvings, silver jewelry, and many other things.

But the Witches Market in La Paz stands out as it sells some of the most exciting and unusual items. From charms and cures from Aymara rituals to dried llama fetuses to bury under your house for good fortune, you’ll be sure to find something unusual in these little stalls.

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Cholita Wrestling

Strange, insane, and funny are just some of the words to describe this La Paz’s most unusual attractions.

Inspired by America’s WWF and Mexico’s famous Lucha libre, Chollita Wrestling is a one-of-a-kind event, featuring Bolivian women fighting it out in spectacular style.

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Hike to the Devil’s Tooth

One of the most iconic rock formations in La Paz is the Muela del Diablo, or “Devil’s Tooth.” If you’re looking for an energetic La Paz day trip, hiking up to the Muela is a great option.

This hike is not very long (about 2 hours up), but it is quite strenuous as you trek uphill to an ending altitude of 3,825 m. Pack a picnic (and plenty of water!) to enjoy at the top. Once you arrive, the views of the city and valley are amazing!

To get there ask a taxi to drop you off at the Cementerio El Pedregal, from where you need to start hiking and head up the mountain road. If you want to see the Muela and the views, but aren’t so interested in hiking, you can always ask a taxi to drive you all or part of the way up the mountain to cut down your walking time.

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Mirador Laikakota

One of the best views in La Paz can be observed from Mirador Laikakota. This brilliant lookout point offers not only panoramic views of the city downtown but a place for children to play and adults to relax in a small cafe, ice-cream vendors, and a Children’s Museum.

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Take a trip to the Moon

The Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna) is a unique site just a short taxi ride out of La Paz. The strange landscape, which has formed by wind and water, looks like an on the moon. Enjoy your day walking around the various paths through the many colossal stalagmites and jagged rock edges.

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Cycle Death Road

One of the most famous attractions in La Paz is the extreme bike ride on one of the world’s most dangerous roads. If you’re looking for a truly exciting, world-class bike ride through some of Bolivia’s most beautiful scenery, don’t hesitate to book a Death Road Tour.

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Play golf in the highest grassy golf course in the world

Bolivia is home to the La Paz Golf Club which, at 3,342 m above sea level is the highest grassy golf course in the world! If you’re an enthusiastic golfer, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to play 18 holes at this one-of-a-kind course.

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Walk Jaen Street

Jaen Street is a charming, cobble-stoned street, and home to a range of shops, bars, and restaurants as well as La Paz’s most important and interesting museums. Visiting picturesque Jaen Street gives you a chance to enjoy a stroll through one of the city’s more tranquil and traffic-free streets.

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