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Updated on Apr 02, 2019 Useful Info

Best ways to get around Boracay

  • The most common way to get around Boracay is to 1) walk, 2) use one of the "tricycles" (these are motorized taxis and is the most common form of public transportation on the island), or less commonly 3) rent a bicycle
  • Walking:
  • The island is very small, you can walk from the northern tip of the island to the southern tip of the island in 2-3 hours
  • Most tourist activities are along the White Beach in the middle of the island, where it's very walkable
  • My recommendation is to walk wherever you can, and take a tricycle for longer-distance trips
  • Tricycles:
  • They look like this:User submitted photo of Boracay
  • You will see them everywhere on the island. Many will be waiting for passengers at major tourist areas like the port. You will also see lots and lots of them zooming around on major streets and it's easy to just hail one when you need to get somewhere.
  • These tricycles start running as early as 5am and as late as 1am, so you should be able to find them pretty much any time you want
  • Always agree on a fare before taking the tricycles. There are no meters and you definitely do not want to just hop on and find the rate after you get dropped off. If you do that you will almost certainly be charged an astronomical amount
  • The fares you pay will vary depending on your negotiation skills, but here's the general fare guidelines you can use as a reference:
  • From the port (the Cagban Jetty Port) to hotels along the White Beach is 100 pesos ($5.2 USD) per ride for the entire tricycle. Don't let the driver charge you 100 per person (some drivers will quote you that)!
  • Getting up and down the White Beach (between Station 1 and Station 3) along the main road is 20 pesos per person (40 cents USD)
  • To the northern tip of the island (Puka Shell Beach) is 150 - 200 pesos ($2.8-$3.8 USD)
  • To anywhere else is going to range between 100 to 200 pesos ($1.9 - $3.8 USD)
  • You can also rent them by the hour, at 250-350 pesos per hour per tricycle ($4.8 - $6.7 USD)

  • Bicycle rental:
  • There are bicycle rental shops on the island you can use, like this one, or simply ask your hotel to rent you one (or they can find you a rental shop)
  • I forget exactly how much they charge, but I think it's 50-70 pesos per hour ($1 - $1.4 USD)
  • There are some scooter/motorbikes rental shops on the island as well. I don't recommend them as they are very expensive (800 pesos - $15 USD - for half a day and 1500 pesos - 30 USD - for a full day) and the island is honestly not big enough to need scooters. With scooters you'll get from one end of the island to the other in 15-25 minutes