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Types of accommodations in Botswana.


  • Banknotes circulate in denominations of BWP10, BWP20, BWP50, BWP100 and BWP200.
  • Rough conversions were BWP10.61=USD1, BWP11.35=€1, BWP13.13=GBP1 and BWP0.78=ZAR1 in Jan 2017.
  • The currencies can also be looked up online before travelling so that you can plan your money effectively.
  • For currency conversion, you should do it in forex bureaus or banks. There are people in the streets that claim to exchange currency and you can easily be duped.



  • Most of the accommodations in Botswana is found around large towns.
  • The beauty of such accommodations is that it is rare to find them booked up so you can book them even after you have arrived in the country.
  • An amount of P400 (US$50) would get you an acceptable ensuite in most towns.


  • For those who want more than an adventure, you could try game lodges that are secluded and tucked away in the wilderness and some in the national parks.
  • Game lodges are generally more expensive however some have some of the most wonderful views.
  • Also, the game lodges offer activities that you can do when you are booked in such as having cultural presentations and also having bonfires and hot-air balloons.
  • All these come as a package and they can get booked, therefore, you need to book well in advance.
  • Travel agencies can arrange for your accommodation also.


  • Camping is also an option for those that want to experience the vast expanse of the open world.
  • Camps are less expensive as compared to lodges, however, some lodges have a camping option where they provide tents and the backpackers come with their own camping equipment.
  • Camping is exhilarating and a good option that you can try as some say it is the most adventurous option.
  • Some of the camps are in remote places in the wilderness.