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Updated on Jul 07, 2019 Useful Info

All you need to know about vivo SIM cards

  • Brazil has 4 major telecommunications provider.
  1. Vivo
  2. TIM
  3. Claro
  4. Oi
  • Vivo is the largest telecommunication provider and I've broken it down for you understand their services.
  • All the 4 have prepaid SIM cards ranging from 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

Vivo data

  • Daily data costs R$0.99 for every 15MBs. Daily data speed is however usually relatively slower as compared to monthly data.
  • Monthly data
  1. 250MB- R$17.99
  2. 400 MB- R$23.99
  3. 600MB-R$39.99
  • Monthly data speed is usually up to 5MB/s
  • Seven-day data plans are also available
  1. 50MB-R$2.99
  2. 100MB-R$5.99

Vivo turbo

  • Turbo is an all-inclusive plan with data, unlimited calls, and texts.
  • Turbo plans start at R$8.99
  • To access this plan just text TURBO to 9003.


  • Modems start at R$ 20 for 400 MB.


  • Prepaid call plans begin from R$10-300.