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Submitted on Oct 19, 2019 Useful Info

Essential apps you must have in Brazil

  • Getting by in Brazil is made easier by these apps.

Transport apps

Cade ô ônibus

  • This app is only for Sao Paolo, it finds you the nearest bus and tells you when you need to be at the bus stop.

Uber and 99 taxi

  • These two are taxi-hailing apps, uber is not available in many Brazilian cities though, it's a good idea to have both apps

Accommodation and restaurant locating apps

Guia de moteis

  • This app helps you find hotels, its one of the best hotel fixing apps on Brazil since it covers practically all cities, towns and major tourist destinations all across Brazil.

Apontador and Kekanto

  • Both of these apps are great when it comes to finding restaurants and bars. Apontador though is only used in Rio as per now.
  • You can also find city guides for various Brazilian cities using Kekanto.
  • Kekanto is widely used in Brazilian cities and also in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Mexico City, and Lima.

Language apps

Portuguese pod 101 and Brazil pod

  • Both of these podcast apps have podcast shows that teach Brazilian Portuguese.

Google translate

  • Though its translations to Brazilian Portuguese are not 100% accurate, its still quite handy.