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How to get to Bonito

  • Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul state is Brazil's top eco-tourism destination.

Getting to Bonito is expensive unless you are within Mato Grosso do Sul state. From other major cities (Rio, Sao Paulo, Bela Horizonte, Recife e.t.c) you have to fly.

Flying to Mato Grosso do Sul

  • Azul airlines flies to Campo Grande ( Capital of Mato Grosso do Sul) twice a week. As per now they only have flights from Campinas to Campo Grande. Campinas is a city located about 1 hour from Sao Paulo. TAM and Gol also have some flights to Campo Grande from Rio and Sao Paulo but at fewer frequencies compared to Azul.
  • For people in Sao Paulo, Azul airlines a bus transfer service from Congonhas domestic airport, Sao Paulo to Viracoops international airport in Campinas.

From Campo Grande to Bonito

  • Bonito is 300 km away from Campo Grande. I would advise renting a car from Campo Grande to Bonito, there are several tour companies who can arrange either a private or shared car from Campo Grande to Bonito. Private car transfers cost approximately B$ 100.
  • Alternatively, you can catch a bus from Campo Grande bus station, it's 5 miles away from the airport. Bus tickets cost between R$50 to 60.