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Submitted on May 09, 2019 Useful Info

Risks involved when driving in Brazil

  • In case you opt to rent yourself a car when in Brazil, be ready to face these issues and here is how to handle them.


  • These are passenger motorbikes and they'll move in just about anywhere so as to get to where they are going in the shortest time possible. They are especially common in Sao Paolo, Rio, Brasilia and Recife. They are particularly many during rush hours as people opt for these bikes so as to avoid being caught up in traffic.
  • What to do: Maintain a steady speed when driving, if you notice one coming your way, give them space to pass.

School kids

  • Schools here are half-day with morning, afternoon and evening alternatives so expect to meet school kids throughout the street probably all day, at some schools, there are crossing guards who guide the students in crossing.
  • What to do: slow down when approaching any school.

Other key tips

  • Drunk driving is relatively common in large cities, especially at night hours.
  • Large cities have a problem with traffic, with most drivers being quite reckless at these times.