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Submitted on Apr 07, 2019 Useful Info

How to pass the night in Buenos Aires

There's quite a number of activities to do here as the sun sets for every type of tourist. Most locals spend their nights this way.

Go to a futbol game

  • Football is an important sport here's a match going down every night particularly at the Bombera stadium.
  • However, beware of pickpockets, they always hang around stadiums waiting to take advantage of non- suspecting spectators.

Eat meats

  • The barbecue here is amazing, and Argentines are known for clearing the entire animal.
  • I tasted roasted cow intestines during one of the nights I was here, these meats are sold along the streets at a very low price, as you walk around you'll find people gathered at these barbecue spots, it's perfectly safe.

Go to Tierra Santa

  • The world's only religious theme park, there's a plastic Jesus statue which sprouts from the ground and back at the top of every hour. The angelic choir that sings here makes it a good relaxing spot.

Fine dine

  • Argentina recipes are amazing, though the food at high-end restaurants such as Alvear palace hotel and El Bistro is quite expensive.