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Cairo metro



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Submitted on Jun 25, 2021 Useful Info

How to use the Cairo Metro system

  • tahrir square to Coptic area
  • only westerner felt totally safe
  • missed first train due to exiting vs. entering passenger battle
  • two men saw, gradually gently nudged me to platform edge
  • When doors to next train opened they SHOVED me into the car
  • same Happened on return- was SHOVED out of car onto platform
  • ENTIRELY helpful for a clueless westerner! Might be typical!
  • Cairo was very safe, not even stares except a few guys who said “Great moustache! You look Like an Egyptian 😊”!!!
  • Westerners have the wrong impression. People were helpful when needed. No animosity. Can’t wait to go back. Hire one guide for pyramids, old Cairo, etc. Got a private tour of one of the oldest mosques (empty between prayers) by a very friendly imam who was delighted in my interest and questions!