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Submitted on Sep 17, 2018 Useful Info

Prepare for high levels of pollution and dust in Cairo

  • Cairo is the second most polluted major city in the world. It's a giant city of almost 20 million people and millions of cars
  • It's also very dusty as it's surrounded by desert
  • When I visited Cairo earlier this year I noticed that there was a perpetual haze in the air
  • Personally I got a sore throat after 3 days there and started coughing a lot (but thankfully nothing serious), but if you're sensitive to pollution I would recommend avoiding Cairo
  • Some useful things to pack:
  • Pollution mask if you're very sensitive. I didn't see anyone wearing these in Cairo
  • Cough syrup. Essential
  • Honey. Natural and good for sore throat

Perpetual haze like this:

User submitted photo of Cairo

User submitted photo of Cairo