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Shop away at Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili is the oldest bazaar in Egypt. Located in Islamic Cairo, it's the perfect place to shop while experiencing Egyptian culture at it's best. This shopping paradise is a must-see tourist attraction, I made a trip to the market.

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Getting there

  • The market is located in the heart of the city and there a couple of ways to get there though for tourists it may be quite challenging if you choose to use public transport.
  • Since I wanted to save myself the hassle of public transport I chose to get an uber which dropped me at Bab-al-ghuri one of the market's gates.
  • If you chose to take the train or public minibusses you have to walk for about 5minutes to get to the market gates.

My time at Khan el Khalili

  • It's a whole different world inside the bazaar and the activities to do there are endless. From shopping to dining to photography to learning Egyptian culture. It's very easy to get carried away so I had to discipline myself and make sure I only spent 3 hours inside the market.
  • I made a shopping list and the budget for the market tour to avoid impulse buying.
  • Finding souvenirs to carry home was the first thing I did when I arrived at the market.
  • I avoided getting stuff from tourist stalls as most items sold there are not authentic. I opted for the less congested stalls that were located deep in the heart of the market as they stock authentic Egyptian ware.
  • I got an alabaster vase, some miniature pyramids, a papyrus scroll, and a belly dancing costume
  • The kitchen pieces being sold at the bazaar are very elegant.
  • I took lots of photos to remember my this legendary trip.
  • Most traders at the market don't accept payments via credit cards. I made a point of getting hard cash prior to my market visit.
  • Haggling .....a very significant aspect of my trip to the market. Traders take advantage of tourists' ignorance to overcharge them. I had to use my best bargaining tricks to get items at almost half the price that I had been told at first.

What to eat

  • After so much movement around the market, I got some food. There are so many restaurants around the market some such as El fishawi being more than 200 years old.
  • Food is relatively cheap and 20USD is enough to get meals when spending a day at the bazaar.
  • I grabbed a cup of coffee and some snacks at this historic restaurant after which I had to say goodbye.



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Very very helpful article. U kinda influence my judgement on my Safaris