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Travel Egypt Ladies!

For the ladies who plan on visiting, here are some tips you need to know.


  • A flight from Florence or Rome to Cairo ranges from 300-400US Dollars.
  • There is a range of airlines to use all offering a range of travel experiences from First class to Economy class


  • Carry your sunscreen.
  • Pack clothes made of light and skin friendly fabrics such as chiffon and cotton because it's hot.
  • Due to the cultural background of the country, showing too much skin is not advisable.
  • Carry a hijab as this would allow you to visit holy places such as mosques and also protect your head in the battering heat.


  • Having accessories while in Egypt is welcomed by the community. Jewelry is seen as a source of pride.
  • Ensure that you do not attract too much attention to yourself by wearing expensive jewelry as this would entice pickpockets and petty thieves.


  • Because of the predominant Islam culture, foods that are accessible are Halal foods hence it is harder to find foods that are not allowed in the Qu'ran such as pork.


  • One can get accommodation in Hotels. Because of the high influx of people in the country, it is advisable to book a hotel if interested in advance.
  • One can also opt to stay in camps which are generally cheaper and closer to travel destinations.
  • Avoid stating at substandard neighborhoods.


  • Your health when away during your trip is very essential.
  1. Personal tips.
  • Carry a bottle of water as you move around. this reduces the risk of dehydration.
  • In case of any predominant health condition such as allergies or intolerance issues, the accommodation places have platforms so that you can get the best care. Don't worry vegans you are sorted too!
  1. General tips.
  • Egypt has exceptionally good healthcare systems in case of an emergency that can occur while around.
  • The country's response team is also quite efficient ranging from 5-7 minutes by emergency response teams.


  • Don't walk around at night and in case you need to have some company.
  • Avoid crowded places. Always be on high alert when at bus stops and marketplaces.
  • In case of any security concern, patrol police are always around to help.

Just enjoy Egypt ladies!

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