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How to Choose a DC Water Pump?

There are various kinds of dc water pumps in the market, but not every pump can meet your application requirements. This is because different pumps have different working voltages, dimensions, inlet and outlet forms and directions, different working performance, working environment conditions, and so on.

So when you choose a DC pump for your application, you should take the following aspects into consideration, so that you can choose the most suitable and most cost-effective dc small water pump for your application.

  1. Working Voltage

There are 3v, 5v, 6v, 12v, 24v, 48v different rated voltage specifications DC water pumps on the market. The more lower the rated voltage is, the more smaller the corresponding pump performance is. If you want to buy a pet water pump or a desktop fountain water pump, we recommend you choose a water pump with a rated voltage of 3~6V. If you need to buy a water pump and it in coffee machines, drinking fountains, or food-grade water pumps, then we suggest you choose a 12v dc Water pump. We suggest you choose an 12V or 24V rated voltage electric water pump, if you use them in vehicles or a motorcycle.

  1. Water Head

The maximum head of the brushless dc pump generally refers to the static head without water flow when pumping water to the maximum head. If you need to pump the water to a certain height and maintain a certain water flow, the required head must be above the specified pumping height. Generally speaking, it is necessary to enlarge the water head around 5%~10% of the margin to select the model.

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  1. Water Flow

Flow rate is one of the important performance data for selecting a water pump, it is directly related to the pumping performance of the entire pump application system. Therefore, when you choose a DC pump, you should take the maximum flow rate as the basis and take into account the normal flow rate. When there is no maximum flow rate, you can usually take 1.1 times the normal flow rate as the maximum flow rate of the dc pump.

  1. Working Environment

If the environment the dc water pump used requires diving, such as in aquariums and fish tanks, then you must choose a dc submersible pump that can be used as a submersible water pump. If the ambient temperature and working fluid temperature you need to use is very high, such as solar water heaters, car engine heat dissipation, electric vehicle battery heat dissipation and other high water temperature environments, you must choose small electric dc pumps can endure high temperature . For example, you should choose a pump with max 100 celsius degrees operating temperature for a solar water heater, and you should choose a electric water pump can endure max 180 celsius degrees working temperature for fuel cell cooling system of new energy vehicle.

  1. Dimensions, Shape of Water Inlet and Outlet

When you choose a DC water pump for your appliances, equipment, or water circulation system, you should choose a water pump with a suitable external size. So that it can be installed in the space you design and left for the mini water pump. If the space left for pump is very compact, then we suggest you choose a brushless DC pump with higher efficiency and smaller volume instead of a brushed dc pump with the same working performance. The direction and shape of the pump inlet and outlet should also be suitable for your piping system direction and connector form. For example, the inlet and outlet directions of the water pump used on the water heater are generally inline and thread. In this case, you should choose a 24v, 12v inline water pump which with 1/2″ or 3/4″ thread inlet and outlet.

DC Water Pump Manufacturer

VOVYO Technology Co., Ltd is a DC water pump manufacturer in China which located in Dongguan city. VOVYO specialized in R&D and producing small circulation water pump, automotive electric water pump, food grade water pump, quiet water pump, booster water pump, water heater pump, etc. During the past more than 10 years, VOVYO has developed 9 series pump from VP25 to VP90. All of them are built by a 12v , 24v, 5v, or 6v bldc motor. Mainly used for application like small water circulation system, cat water fountain, irrigation, electric water heaters, water booster system, coffee machine, auto engine cooling, motor controller cooling, automotive heat management system etc.

VOVYO brand dc pumps are popular in the world. We export pumps to global countries such as United States, India, Japan, England, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, France, South Africa, etc.