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A brief guide on 3 ways to get around Cambodia

A country in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is among the most fascinating tourist destinations in the region.

It holds some of the world's best beaches, jungles, and a rich culture revolving around Buddhism.

Even with all these fascinations, Cambodia is not really touristy.

Most regions in Cambodia are pouched in thick evergreen forests or in lakes and rivers and thus remain unexplored.

Enjoy your adventures in a Tuk Tuk!

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  • The Tuk Tuks of Cambodia are a 2- wheeled carriages pulled by a motorcycle.
  • These is the most common and most popular mode of transport in Cambodia.
  • They can accommodate between 2 - 5 passengers.
  • They are available widely between 7 am and 10 pm, after which prices become inflated heavily.

Safety Tips

  • NEVER board an unregistered Tuk Tuk as it may be used by bandits to rob unexpecting tourists.
  • Board Tuk Tuks in major stations or stops or belonging to a recognized Sacco.
  • Carry smaller denominations of the dollar to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.
  • Agree on the fare price before boarding.

Breathing the Cambodian air in a moving Motodop

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This is the most fun!

  • The Cambodian Motodop is a motorcycle taxi, and is also common in almost every street in Cambodia.
  • It is fast, as it can manouver around traffic.
  • They are also available during daytime but become scarse as night kicks in.

Safety Tips

  • Carry your own helmet in advance.
  • Avoid Motodops in secluded spots.
  • Always complain if the rider exceeds the speed you're comfortable with.

Cambodian National Buses

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  • Book your tickets at Cambo Tickets.
  • The buses run 24/7.
  • They range from the cheapest yet not - so - safe to the quite costly but comfy and relatively safe.
  • Ticket prices become heavily inflated during the high season. Book your tickets prior to the date of travel.

Safety Tips

  • Avoid boarding buses that are almost empty.
  • Go for recognized bus stations. Avoid street stations, they will disappoint, no lie!