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How much to tip in Cambodia

  • From what I've seen, tipping is not really expected in Cambodia. It's completely up to you if you want to tip or not
  • Like for taxis, tuk tuk, house keeping, bell hop, massage, etc., no one will judge you if you don't tip
  • But, a lot of American and Canadian tourists tip. I asked them why they do it they tell me it's out of habit
  • Aussies and Europeans don't usually tip
  • I haven't met other Japanese tourists but I assume none of them tip as we don't have a tipping culture in Japan
  • Locals will happily accept any tip you give them. It's definitely not considered rude or anything like that. So if you're happy with the services you received, by all means leave $1-$2 USD in tip (this is a lot of money for locals)
  • The only exception is if you're on guided tours, you're supposed to give your guide about 20-30% of the tour price as tip as a group (like everyone combined should be 20-30%)