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Getting around Cameroon

  • There are several ways in which you can get around the country.

By air.

  • There is ComAir which is also the national carrier in the country that operates local flights within the country.
  • There are also some travel agencies in the country that can organize air transport through helicopter rides so that you can enjoy the experience.
  • Berudep is a local organization that offers volunteer opportunities for responsible travellers.
  • Heritage tours Cameroon is also another example of a tour company that you can hire. They offer experienced guides and activities that range from eco-tourism to safari-tourism to cultural tourism to volunteer activities and homestays.

By train.

  • The train service in the country is called Camrail and the train runs from the capital city that is Yaoundé, to the port city of Douala and the northern city of Ngaoundéré.
  • The overnight train is your best way to travel to the northern parts of the country.
  • Be sure to check the schedules and their pricing before making any bookings.

By bus.

  • Throughout the country especially in major towns, you can get a ride on modern, comfortable buses with some companies going the extra mile by providing air conditioning for luxury.
  • Away from the modern towns, you are most likely to use a bush taxi which are long elongated vans that can carry up to 20 passengers and the luggage is piled at the top.
  • These taxis can be overloaded and therefore your safety might not really be guaranteed.
  • Buses rarely leave at the designated time and they might wait for a while so that they fill up.

By car.

  • Car rentals are available in major cities in the country, however, they can be a bit expensive as compared to other parts of the world.
  • You will be better off renting a four-wheel-drive car due to the conditions of the roads mostly away from the major cities.