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Getting into Cameroon

  • There are several international air carriers that operate in Cameroon.
  • From Europe, you could get into Cameroon using carriers such as Air France which has flights between France, Paris to Cameroon, Yaunde.
  • Brussels airlines operates between Brussels in Belgium to Cameroon and it has weekly flights to the country.
  • Turkish airlines is also another choice that charters the route from Istanbul to Yaounde.
  • Covid restrictions have also reduced the number of flights and therefore you should check if the flights are available before travelling.
  • For those travelling from the Americas, a good option is go through Europe and then connect to Cameroon.
  • Direct flights connecting from the Americas were there before COVID-19 but have since reduced in number.
  • There are also flights from other African countries that operate in Cameroon and such include; RwandAir that operates between Kigali and Yaounde, Kenya Airways operates between Nairobi Kenya and Cameroon.
  • There is also Royal Air Morac from Casablanca Morocco to kigali and finally there is Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa to Cameroon. There are so many options that you can take.
  • Sometimes the airport stuff in Cameroon help you with your luggage and you can tip them for their services.
  • The staff are usually quite helpful and resourceful if you either have a big laggage or when you are new in the country.
  • There are also other modes of transport into the country such as via road which can include car and bus.
  • The trans-African highway that cuts across West Africa so you can travel from Ghana, Nigeria to Cameroon's capital.
  • There are also train services across the border of the country and it is also possible to get into the country from Equitorial Guinea.