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Things to do in Cameroon.

Places to eat.

There are plenty of good restaurants:

  • Bonapriso quarter: Sorento, Bistrot Latin, Peche Mignon, Bombay Masala (Indian, Oriental), Oriental Garden (Chinese), Alladin (Lebanese), Paradise (nice English bar), Piccolla Venezia (Italian), Ovalie (classy, expensive), Le Bouchon Lyonnaise (French), Le BOJ (French), Le Cabanon
  • Bonanjo quarter: Chez Wou (Chinese), La Cigalle
  • Akwa quarter: Le Senat (great jazz in the evening), White House (local), Mediterrannee (greek, good pizzas), La Fourchette (French), Le Foyer du Marin aka German Seamen's Club (german)
  • by the waterfront: Le Mangrove (fresh fish & prawns), Le Dernier Comptoire Colonial (last slave trading post)
  • There are also other restaurants for those on a low budget such as Chez Kali in Bonapriso (towards the Energy Club - fitness).
  • Mont Febe, Hilton Hotel and hotel le depute in Yaounde, Atlantic Beach Hotel, Mirama hotel, Guest House hotel and Park hotel in Limbe, 3813 in Tiko, Miss Bright in Buea and Meridien hotel Douala.
  • The official drinking age in the country is 21 years, however, 18-year-olds can drink if accompanied by those in the drinking age.
  • Always check your beer or alcohol before drinking as there is a bad habit of vendors selling expired drinks.
  • There is also a wide variety of beers in the country that is influenced by the fact that the country was originally a German colony that was later taken over by the french.
  • There are also local beers that you should try out.
  • Soft drinks can also be found in plenty around the country with drinks such as Coca-cola and Pepsi being in abundance.

Accommodation places.

  • Hotels in the major cities will range from XAF6000 up to and in excess of XAF50,000. Clean and safe rooms can usually be found for under XAF11,000.
  • In more rural areas, prices vary wildly depending on demand and the local economy.
  • It is not uncommon to find comfortable accommodation for XAF2000-3000 per night.