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Enjoying Summer in Canada



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How to Enjoy Summer in Canada

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Cooler than countries closer to the equator, gifted with the summer weather that calls tourists to it constantly: Canada is the place to be in the summer. From Canada Day on July First to the endless carnivals and fairs that pop up all over the country, there's something for everyone.

Here are the top ways to enjoy a summer in Canada without feeling like you’re just waiting to go back home!

Enjoy Ski Resorts Without Snow

When people think of Whistler or Banff National Parks, they usually think of endless snow, icy weather, and the best skiing in the world. These parks are multifaceted, though! In Banf, you can hike between tall, beautiful trees and white water rafts in rivers that are sprung from icebergs. Just a couple of hours away from city life, you'll find yourself entertaining the idea of looking at Calgary homes for sale so that you can slip away every weekend to enjoy the most gorgeous national park on earth.

Get To Know The Coasts

What's summer without a bit of sun and sea? If you're not sure what you'd do without a beach party while it's warm out, head over to British Columbia! As an artsy and youthful city, Victoria can keep you inspired and ready to see what's next. This city is where artists get away from the flashy city street lights and immerse themselves in ocean views and calm weather.

North, but still in British Columbia, Vancouver is another spot that has a lot to offer. Known as the Hollywood of Canada, Vancouver is a filming and creative capital as well. The beautiful buildings and city layout overlook the water in perfect and fun harmony. This area also sprouts a lot of fantastic new technology, which means you might get to be the first to use a new technology or service before it makes it big!

Meet The Inland Beaches

Toronto may not be the place you think of when you consider beaches, but it has two different human-made beaches! Beautiful white sand was flown in for the coastline, creating a visual dream of a perfect vacation. Without dealing with the unpredictable weather of the coasts, you can enjoy drinking and partying in the sand and sun just a couple of hours away from the nation's capital.

Edmonton, Alberta, also has some tremendous sandy shores. This metropolitan area has always been pinned under Calgary's shadow, but its population is quickly catching up, and with it comes partying and excitement that would keep any vacationer happy.

Take a Chance At Some Summer Snow

Are you sick of the sun and sand yet? Why not head north and enjoy some slopes during the summer? Of course, most ski resorts on the country's southern border will be melted, but up north, there's ice and snow year-round. Going in the summer means you get to skip out on long lines, and you still get to enjoy a beautiful city and vacation. Skiing in the summer can feel surreal since you can leave the slopes, drive an hour or two, and suddenly be in warm summer weather. Why not have fun with it?